Is your security system delivering? Has it continued to deliver what it promised to your bottom line? As one of the few variables within a retailer’s total control, if it isn’t making your business run more smoothly, be more cost effective and secure – take a look at a solution that has been adopted by retailers – large and small – across the globe.

Our solution allows you to efficiently identify risks such as inventory shrinkage, staff turnover, false alarms, environmental losses, as well as, asset protection, staff and customer safety.


Unlike conventional alarm panels that send alarm information only, our retail solution is a powerful communications platform that integrates business critical applications, legacy security products (such as old alarm panels, analog and digital video), wireless security devices and access control. Our system allows you real-time, at-a-glance control over your business through PACOM GMS (Graphical Management System) software.

The technology allows you to remotely manage security and administrative tasks across all retail locations, corporate offices, distribution centres and critical facilities from anywhere on your IP network. Alarm system monitoring can be in-house or outsourced as our technology adapts to either situation and can even segment monitoring to multiple service providers.


Our powerful GMS (Graphical Management System) software allows customers within the retail sector remote, real-time, at-a-glance control of all branches, distribution centers and corporate offices. Change PIN codes and users, print access cards, centrally configure individual alarm panels, remotely broadcast upgrades and changes with one keystroke eliminating the need for site visits, verify alarm events immediately with integrated digital video capabilities, search and report easily on one specific site or event or generate customized reports from thousands of sites – and do all of this from anywhere on the network. Our technology adapts based on the requirements for each individual site.

Best of all, you can expect a return on investment (ROI) within two years. Our solution uses your internal IP network and therefore requires no dedicated telephone lines. By enabling remote management, the need for site visits is almost non-existent and allows you to manage the system internally, removing the operational cost of external management contracts.