Ports around the world are faced with the great responsibility to ensure safety of staff, passengers and cargo. Port security covers both landside threats such as the theft of cargo from containers, warehouses, or ships berthed in port as well as protection from potential terrorist attacks on ports and on the ships using them.


Our integrated security solution allows ports to implement a security plan for the port covering aspects such as who can access the port, how to identify individuals in the port area, and how to ensure the physical security of the port, including its buildings and infrastructure, from land and from sea.

The ability to integrate to existing security systems such as video, access control, intercom and intrusion, as well as HR systems makes our solution cost effective and provides at the same time one unified platform where information from all third party systems can be collected, analyzed and acted upon. Our solution also provides a graphical overview of all the systems in the harbor making it easy and quick to identify source of active alarms with an option to retrieve live video. Once an alarm is activated, the operator can be forced to view instructions containing for example relevant agencies to contact in the event of different types of security breach, before being able to acknowledge or reset the alarm.


Our open, integrated security management platform PACOM Unison cleverly acts as a “bridge” between the security system and other subsystems.  When an alarm is triggered, the Unison software will indicate where the alarm originated. Alarms can be displayed on interactive floor plans and audible signals can be generated at the workstation to uniquely identify the type of alarm via multi-media. It is possible for the operator to reset the device which initiated the alarm as well as perform a wide variety of other remote functions. The user friendly functions of the system, efficient bulk programming and the powerful overview makes administration easy and saves time.

The graphical user interface, including dynamic display of alarm points, considerably simplifies management. By taking advantage of the intelligent linking function in Unison users can easily link an object in the system with a point on the map.