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Pacom GMS (Graphical Management System) is a modular client-server application for multi-site organizations that provides full security system control at your fingertips. When using a Pacom solution, the seamless integration between access control, alarm and video makes it evident that the system was designed to handle all aspects of a security system right from the very start.

Pacom GMS 4

The latest software release, Pacom GMS 4 is a fully integrated security system, further building on Pacom's capabilities to remotely manage multiple sites. With Pacom GMS 4, you limit your costly service visits through extensive remote maintenance functionality.


  • Supporting the new generation of Pacom 800x Controllers.
  • Dockable windows. Flexibility allows the user to seamlessly move around the alarm information, instructions/call status and site address data according to personal preferences.
  • Support for Google Earth© simplifies navigation when locating a site.
  • More user-friendly and visually attractive layout.


Release Notes for GMS 4.20
Release Notes for GMS version 4.20 outlining important information related to this version of the GMS software. These release notes include the GMS Server and Workstation hardware requirements along with all new features and enhancements since the previous version of GMS was released.
GMS Version 4.10 Datasheet
Datasheet that outlines the new features available with GMS V4.10
Pacom GMS 4 Brochure
Information on Pacom GMS 4
GMS 4.10 What's New Presentation
Presentation that outlines the new features available in GMS 4.10.
Release Notes for GMS 4.10
Release Notes for GMS version 4.10 outlining important information related to this version of the GMS software. These release notes include the GMS Server and Workstation hardware requirements.
GMS 4.07 - Help System v1.1
GMS 4.07 online help system. To install, double-click the downloaded zip file to show its contents. Drag the "GMS Help.chm" file to the GMS "Help" folder and restart GMS.
GMS Feature Matrix to 4.07
Highlights the features of Pacom GMS up to 4.07.
Using GMS 4.07 - Operator Guide v1.1
Version 1.1 - Guide for security operators in using and working with GMS 4.07.
GMS 4.07 Datasheet
Highlights the capabilities of Pacom GMS 4.07.
GMS Client Datasheet
Highlights capabilities of GMS client workstations.
GMS Validator Datasheet
Describes how to enforce compliance of card data entered by GMS operators to meet specific customer-defined rules.
GMS 4 Video Presentation
This video presentation provides an overview of GMS 4.
Google Earth© Datasheet

Access Control
Pacom GMS uses proven and reliable access control technologies and has demonstrated competence in large global applications, gaining widespread acceptance by Corporate IT Managers. View details
Intercom Management
The GMS Intercom interface allows advanced integration with intercom systems. View details
Alarm Monitoring
The alarm monitoring application within Pacom GMS provides a real-time status summary of all events on a single user interface. View details
Email Interface
Using the GMS email interface, security personnel can be notified of events when they are not in front of the Pacom GMS. View details
HR Integration
Pacom GMS provides customers with the flexibility to integrate to any human resource (HR) application with the Pacom security system. View details
Video Management
Video management enables immediate access to video in response to an event. View details
Real-Time Mustering
The Pacom GMS real-time mustering module enables authorized operators to see who is in and who is out of a site. View details
Remote Management
If there is a data network interconnecting different facilities, the Pacom technology can be used to consolidate multiple sites and enable centralized remote management. View details
Video Badging
The Pacom GMS video badging module enables authorized operators to capture, import, and display images from within the standard Pacom GMS cardholder window. View details
Elevator Interfaces
Every Pacom Controller is capable of interfacing with selected elevator management systems (EMS). View details
Web Client
Pacom GMS Web Client enables authorized operators to manage access control over the Internet or a corporate intranet, using a standard web browser. View details
GMS Config
GMS Config is a license-free version of GMS without access control, card management and other database related GMS features. View details