When managing access control, intrusion detection, fire, video and intercom an open, integrated security management platform is the optimal way to collect all information and act upon different events. We are constantly updating ourselves on the changes in the security challenges you face in your daily operations. The insights we collect, combined with our experience and expertise form the basis for the development of our software platforms.


Experience tells us that organizations with two or more sub-systems will gain a lot more value by integrating these as opposed to managing them separately. The value proposition needs to take into account the training requirements and costs of each sub-system, the degree of ‘openness’ of the solution in terms of integration possibilities and how sustainable the solution is.

The definition of an utopian integrated security solution is a single user interface solution that delivers reliable automated interoperability with an open architecture that can integrate disparate systems and can be easily adapted to new technologies. Integrated security management platforms tend to improve response times and provide greater insight into an incident compared to stand-alone systems.

Ultimately you need to ask yourself whether the integrated solution delivers more value than the sum of the individual systems.