Technology changes mean that today’s healthcare delivers more but also has heightened security demands. Hospitals are moving away from single sites into campus environments with multiple networked buildings.

There is also a shift from hospitals being locally managed services serving local communities towards greater specialization with patients travelling longer sitances and sometimes across national borders in order to get a special treatment.

Integrated Security - Protect patients and hospital staff


Healthcare professionals are commonly targets of violent behavior and health care locations need to offer secure protection to staff, patients and visitors.

PACOM’s security solution is designed to provide an efficient and immediate response to alarms from transmitters such as panic buttons, identifying the precise location of the alarm and using video verification when applicable.

Alarms can be displayed on interactive floor plans and audible signals can be generated at the workstation to uniquely identify the type of alarm. The system  operator can reset the device which initiated the alarm as well as perform a wide variety of other remote functions.

A reliable integrated security solution should therefore have an intuitive high level interface that will ensure that alarms generated from a transmitter (such as panic buttons) are immediately communicated.  The source of the alarm should be able to get identified through graphical drawings or maps or by using video verification. This will allow the operator to reset the device which initiated the alarm as well as perform a wide variety of other remote functions in a proactive manner in order to remain a high level of security. The staff and patients of the healthcare facility will in turn feel safe knowing that immediate actions will be taken in case of an event.

This makes our solution a perfect fit for hospitals with high demand on flexibility and ease of use.


PACOM’s open, integrated security management platform called Unison cleverly acts as a “bridge” between the security system and other subsystems.

Unison integrates signals received across its alarm, access control, fire, intercom and video systems to provide a real-time overview of campus security to support both small and big healthcare facilities.

A user-friendly graphical user interface, easy functionality and efficient bulk programming makes administration easy and saves time.