Critical infrastructure organizations such as utilities and telecommunications providers face ever increasing physical security threats. In mission-critical environments such as oil, gas, wind, electricity and communications utilities, a disruption to service can have enormous impacts. Security threats faced by these organizations extend not only to terrorism but also vandalism, theft and of course, general safety concerns for the public.


We offer a comprehensive solution that will protect your critical infrastructure organization from security threats; providing early detection and alerts of any potential security breach, whilst at the same time ensuring that access is restricted to authorized personnel only. In particular, we provide expertise in multi-site security management, a logistical problem faced by the majority of energy and communications providers.

Our solution can be engineered to provide a completely integrated security system that includes interoperation with perimeter alarms, intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, intercom integration and interfaces to building services such as lighting and air-conditioning.


Our powerful GMS (Graphical Management System) software allows customers within utilities and telecommunications sectors a remote, real-time, at-a-glance control of all branches and corporate offices. Change PIN codes and users, print access cards, centrally configure individual alarm panels, remotely broadcast upgrades and changes with one keystroke eliminating the need for site visits, verify alarm events immediately with integrated digital video capabilities, search and report easily on one specific site or event or generate customized reports from thousands of sites – and do all of this from anywhere on the network. Our technology adapts based on the requirements for each individual site.

Best of all, you can expect a return on investment (ROI) within two years. Our solution uses your internal IP network and therefore requires no dedicated telephone lines. By enabling remote management, the need for site visits is almost non-existent and allows you to manage the system internally, removing the operational cost of external management contracts.