PACOM controllers are used to control, monitor and maintain alarm and access control activities in your organization. Our controllers are well suited for both campus type environments and multi-site organizations that require remote management.


All our controllers have dual capabilities, supporting both alarm and access control functions. This means that the controller’s dual functionality adds more value than the sum of two separate systems.

The controllers are modular based allowing you to expand support for the number of card readers, I/O expansion cards, alarm areas and cardholders as your system grows in size. Our controllers allow for easy remote firmware upgrade with minimal operational interference and system downtime.

The PACOM 8002 integrated access and alarm controller delivers an all-in-one building platform that integrates functionality required for a remote security system. The modular architecture makes the 8002 controller simple to install and configure, as well as expand and integrate as your future security needs require. With dual on-board Ethernet capabilities you can expand using your existing network infrastructure. The 8002 controller can operate stand-alone for smaller buildings or as part of a fully integrated alarm and access control system for larger buildings or multi-site applications.

PACOM 8002 integrated access control and intrusion controller

The 8002 controller supports auto-discovery of peripheral devices for simplified installation. All doors can be individually configured to operate based on card only, PIN only, or card and PIN, with access schedules providing further control. Doors and alarm points can be partitioned into multiple areas of security, and can be controlled by multiple keypads. With dual-flash memory, firmware upgrades can be performed without any disruption to the system and you can scale alarm inputs and outputs using expansion modules.

Main Features

  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • Slots for expansion card connection
  • Auto-discovery of peripheral devices
  • Dual-flash memory allows firmware upgrades while system active
  • IP/RS485/RS232 ports
  • Offline card and event transaction memory
  • Supports most card readers
  • Multiple alarm area and keypad support
  • Up to 256 inputs/64 outputs
  • Peer-to-peer connections
  • Small, medium and large variants for complete flexibility

For more information, download the PACOM 8002 datasheet found at the bottom of this page.

The PACOM 8003 controller is an intelligent IP-enabled hybrid controller that provides flexible intrusion detection and access control for up to two doors. The IP capability means there is a reduced need for traditional security cabling which ensures convenient deployment and extensive scalability.

PACOM 8003 access control and intrusion controller for up to two doors

As an access control device, the 8003 controller can support up to 2 doors, each with an IN reader and OUT reader – satisfying the needs of environments where users may want anti-passback. As an alarm device, the 8003 controller offers up to 8 configurable 5-state inputs and 8 outputs comprising 2 relays and 6 open collectors. Inputs can be expanded up to 64 and outputs can be expanded to up to 32 via the addition of on-board expansion modules and/or remote I/O devices. The 8003 controller can operate stand-alone for smaller or remote environments or can be easily incorporated as part of a fully integrated alarm and access control system for larger buildings or multi-site applications. The 8003 has also been specifically engineered so that it can be conveniently installed in any location rated for a 3U rack mount device.

Main Features

  • Integrated access control and intrusion detection
  • On-board Ethernet
  • Standard 3U rack mount size
  • Support for up to 2 doors, each with an IN and OUT readers
  • 500,000 user/card capacity
  • 50,000 transaction storage
  • Unlimited access levels
  • 8 on-board supervized inputs (expandable to 64)
  • 8 on-board outputs (expandable to 32)
  • Embedded web server for easy programming
  • Online firmware updates

For more information, download the PACOM 8003 datasheet found at the bottom of this page.