PACOM have been market leaders within integrated security solutions for over 30 years. Our integrated access control and intrusion controllers together with our management software platforms for both multi-site management and campus style environments are today installed in over 60 countries around the world. The banking and finance sector remains our core expertise, however over the last decade we have gained experience, trust and significant growth within verticals such as healthcare, universities, ports, public facilities, retail, critical infrastructure, airports and prisons.

What started as a local idea in Australia in 1983 grew to become a global brand. After more than 30 years of experience within various market fields, we have concluded that no matter the complexity of customer needs, we have to take on the mission to make security management easier and more secure. This means that everything we do, from innovation to communication has to reflect our expertise for integrated security solutions through innovation.

We aim for clear communication, leading to an understanding of customer needs, resulting in flexible and user-friendly security solutions. While we have end customers who have security as their main business most of our customers don’t. They are more interested in having a freedom to conduct their core business without compromising their security. We achieve this by incorporating our systems in the daily life and operation with a minimum of friction to the end customer.

We sincerely hope that your organization will be the next one to join our network of prestigious organizations in the area of multi-site- and campus style environments.


Perhaps you are one of those who are passionate about composing your personal toolbox consisting of security products that allow you to come up with creative solutions to existing security challenges. Or maybe you belong to those who appreciate getting a complete security solution that allows for direct overview, management and analysis of security conditions in your organization. Either way you aim towards making daily operations in your organization as secure and effective as possible. Your needs and the challenges you face control the direction we take when we develop our solutions and plan our product road-map.


We work with a select group of dedicated security system integrators (Value Added Resellers or VARs) who are fully trained and knowledgeable about our products and our commitment to excellence. We operate world-wide with offices in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Singapore, India and Sweden.