8 Chifley by Mirvac Asset Management is a new premium grade landmark building for Sydney. 8 Chifley is protected by PACOM’s fully integrated security management system that delivers a high level of security and technical performance.

”With over 40 years in the property industry and with long standing experience as commercial builders, building owners and building managers, Mirvac expects the best technology and most efficient security solutions for ourselves and our customers. The PACOM Systems fully integrated Security Management Solution, provided at our 8 Chifley site in Sydney, has not only met, but exceeds, all of our expectations”, said Scott Robinson, Senior Engineering and Operations Manager at Mirvac Asset Management.

The requirement for this building was an integrated security solution that is built on the best technology in order to provide a safe environment to the tenants. After putting a tender out to market, Mirvac chose PACOM as they provided a solution that would best satisfy the level of integration demands for this project.

“A project of this size and complexity was not without its challenges. The requirement for this project was very specific and demanded a highlevel of technical performance and the intercommunication of subsystems as well as working concurrently in a construction zone with other trades and service personnel to a tight schedule” said Rocco Palladino, National Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand. “To be chosen for such a modern and prestigious project and manage to check all the boxes with regard to functionality and usability required by the customer is proof that PACOM is, more than 30 years after the foundation of the company, still seen as one of the leading and innovative integrated system suppliers on the market”, he continued.

After the completed installation, 8 Chifley performed some calculations to estimate the cost savings associated with the security solution. The biggest impact (that came as a surprise to the customer) was a reduction in power costs of the lift system. This resulted in an estimated comparable reduction of nothingless than 30% per annum, showing the effectiveness of the integrated PACOM access/lift solution, which not only results in unrivalled security, but also cost savings in other sectors of the business/organization